MAX KADE (1882-1967)
Max Kade was born on October 13, 1882 in Steinbach/
Schwäbisch Hall in Germany. At the age of 20 he travelled to
and worked in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1904 he crossed the
Atlantic arriving in Montreal, Canada. He arrived in New York
in 1907. Shortly after his arrival he founded the successful
pharmaceutical company, Seeck and Kade, Inc.  Max Kade
obtained the rights for the manufacture and distribution of a
cough medicine, namely “Pertussin”. Mr. Kade became
extremely successful as an entrepreneur and distributor of
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"Pertussin" cough

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In 1944, Max Kade and his wife Annette established the Max
Kade Foundation, initially to help Germany recover from the
effects of World War II and to improve international
understanding and promote cultural exchange between the
United States and German-speaking countries in Central
Europe.  His objective was “to sow the seeds of friendship
where there had been enmity.” In 1956, Max Kade left his
business and turned his full attention to philanthropy.  He
considered the exchange of knowledge among scholars and
scientists to be of great importance.  It was his belief that an
increase in international cooperation in areas of scientific
and medical research was critical to solving global problems
and fostering friendship between the United States and
German-speaking countries.

In addition to Max Kade being recognized as an honorary
citizen of Steinbach (1929) and Schwäbisch Hall (1935), he
received numerous honors from many universities.  He died
on July 15, 1967 at the age of 85 years and is buried in
Schwäbisch Hall.  After his death, the Foundation became
the full beneficiary of his estate and continued to further the
founder’s ideals and legacy.
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